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About Zef+

First there was Apple TV+. Then there was Disney+. And now, at last... there is Zef+.

Indeed, like the others, it's a subscription service. You sign-up to become a member, and you'll get my every single thought streamed into your brain via e-mail. If that's too intense of an experience, you can also make Zef+ your browser homepage. I can accept that. Whatever floats your boat.

Think of Zef+ this way: it's like Disney+ and Apple TV+, except with fewer princesses, and less science fiction. This is replaced with — I suppose — management fiction, if you're into that. Also, content is distributed as text, not video. You'll save a lot of bandwidth that way. You're welcome.


If that all went over your head. Let's take a step back.

Hi there! My name is Zef Hemel! 👋

I use writing as a tool to structure my thinking, to reflect, and adapt as a result. I’m transparent by nature, and have found that sharing the things I’m reading and thinking about — generally around the topics of technology, management and people — is not only helpful for myself, it can helpful for others as well. And often, in response, people point me to things I wasn’t yet aware of, or challenge my ideas or conclusions. Now, that sounds like win-all around.

I have an engineering background, but have primarily focused on the engineering management side of things over the last decade. If you're interested in the human part of engineering, let's talk.

If looking at a person’s career is your way of learning more about them, you can check mine on LinkedIn.

Beyond that, click around on this website and let me know if any of it is helpful. And sign up of course. It's free, did I mention that?

You can reach me at Happy to have you on board!